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Frequently Asked Questions

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               What do you specialize in?

 Pain, Oncology, Pediatrics, Insomnia.


               What if I’m REALLY ticklish?


LV on the skin, protecting you but also reacting to touch so strongly that you tickle easily.


               I had acupuncture and it triggered a migraine. Why would that happen?


This person has frequent migraines. It’s important for the acupuncturist to know this ahead of time, and be clear on the cause of those migraines, so that they avoid triggering them. Each area of the head has a different organ system, so -where- the migraines are is super important to us!


               How big are those needles?


Show hypodermic needle vs one of ours, discuss the pliability of them and why we use the locations we use (needling where there are no veins or nerves in the body)


               What can someone expect from the first session?


If we move a lot of energy, it’s likely to be tired or thirsty after a treatment. I highly recommend eating a light meal before the treatment as well


               Can you make me look like Hellraiser?


Yes, but no. It would be the most insane thing to do with actual needles, because it would send so much energy to your head!


               Can you cure cancer with acupuncture?


Several of my patients receive treatment for cancer, and my work is geared to support their recovery and limit the nausea, fatigue, and brain fog that comes with chemotherapy.


               How frequently should I have acupuncture for X condition?


Part 1: it takes as long to cure as it did to get there.

Part 2: for acute issues, frequently for short time (1-3 x week) for chronic, once a week for several weeks.


               when will I see results?


The joy of America’s Get-It-Now mentality. Acute issues (first couple days of a fever or cold, or twisted arm) You should see results when you get off the table. Chronic (you’ve had it over a year) sometimes may see results the first treatment, often the results will expand over time (1st tx benefit lasts 1 day. by 3rd tx benefit lasts 4 days. by 5th tx you’re feeling healthy all week!)


               Does it hurt?


Like a short pinch at best. Some people are very sensitive, and I have a method for releasing some of that sensitivity quickly so they don’t have as much of a reaction. I’ve had a patient mention that he only felt three needles go in after I’d put in ten, so it’s definitely relative.

Also, after the needles are in, you should have no sensation other than possibly energy moving around your body.


               Are you a real doctor? Like a white coat and M.D. and everything?


Show degrees, discuss the process of being licensed.


               Can it help with sciatic pain?


Yes, and here’s why & how!


               Acupuncture vs Dry Needling?


1st: chiros & PTs mostly do dry needling, here’s why and how it helps

2nd: acupuncture is massivly different in scope, very similar in form. That’s why the difference exists.


               Can it help TOS thoraccic outlet syndrome and occipital neuropathy?


TOS responds very well to cupping & Tuina, acupuncture can help to relax sinews, engage whole torso/spine.


               Can you prove that acupuncture is real?


Animals. Also, literally my path in life lol


               What is Qi?


The Force.


               Are the needles sterile?


Absolutely, which is why I have Sharps containers and single-use sterile packaged needles.


               How deeply do the needles go?


VERY different depths for different points on the body. On the head, hands and feet .2cm or so, on the booty easily 1-2 inches to go through fat.


               What if acupuncture doesn’t help me?


Acupuncture isn’t a cure-all. Isolate the problem, understand the environment, look at the situation as a whole.